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[PhD] | arngren.com
Ph.D. Student Morten Arngren
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of some articles, references, links etc. useful for the Ph.D. project

Web Links

  • videolectures.net
    This site includes hundreds of online video lectures on machine learning, statistics etc. from various conferences and is updated regularly.

  • bookboon.com / ventus.dk
    Free books and compendiums for students.

  • Professor Zoubin Ghahramani
    (University of Cambrigde, Information Engineering)
    Includes a lot of tutorials, articles, presentation in virtually every research area.

  • Professor David J.C. MacKay
    (University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics)
    Publications page with lots of different articles on various relevant subject.

  • Professor Robert J. Plemmons
    (Wake Forest University, Departments of Math & Computer Science)
    Publications page includes Non-Negative Matrix Factorization on hyperspectral images.

  • Lincoln Laboratory Journal
    Publications with many different subjects, whatever is currently cooking - all free downloable.

  • Kernal-Machines.org
    Small site with a few references, articles to kernal machines.

  • Image Spectroscopy Links
    Links to many different newssites, tutorials, companies etc.


  • DTU Informatics
    - Independent Component Anlysis based on Max. Likelihood.
    - Non-Negative Maxtrix Factorization
    - Artificial Neural Network

  • FastICA
    Independent Component Analysis, fast and with loads of options.



Private (login required)

  • Download Section
    For large datafiles (dataset etc.) - if you have been granted access.