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Ph.D. Student Morten Arngren
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Image Analysis for Food Quality

is the name of the project.

The scope of the research project is to use hyperspectral image analysis to build mathematical models for evaluating the quality of foods by measuring certain constituents. To be completed...

Keywords: Image Analysis, Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation, Sparsity, etc.



  • Associate Professor Jan Larsen, DTU Informatics, Intelligent Signal Processing, WEB.
  • Professor Rasmus Larsen, DTU Informatics, Image Analysis, WEB.
  • Senior Scientist Per Waaben Hansen, FOSS Analytical A/S, WEB.


  • NIR2009, Bangkok, Nov. 2009, WEB.
  • Machine Learning and Signal Processing (MLSP), Grenoble/France, Sept. 2009, WEB.
  • IEEE Whispers, Grenoble/France, Aug. 2009, WEB.
  • Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA), Oslo, June 2009, WEB.
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Alaska/Anchorage, June 2008, WEB.
  • DTU Visiondays May 2008. WEB.
  • Optimization in Computer Vision (OCV), May 2008. WEB.
  • Danish Chemometric Soceity (DSK) 2008, Nyborg Strand/Denmark, Jan. 2008, WEB.



  • Supervisor, DTU project 'Hyperspectral Image Analysis' (5 ECTS points).
  • Teaching Assistant, exercises at Ph.D. school 'Optimization in Computer Vision' (OCV), May 2008 at DTU Informatics. WEB.